Managed cloud

We’ll deliver a migration path to the cloud, consulting on your key applications and workflows and design a solution to suit.

We can:

  • extend the functionality of your existing IT infrastructure
  • completely remove your on-premise server infrastructure
  • provide collaboration technologies and remote working
  • ringfence your IT with a range of security offerings
  • scale up and down your IT as needs require, even down to an hourly basis
  • host your voice infrastructure

We are heavily cloud-focused and lean heavily on Microsoft Azure. Sharepoint, InTune and Azure AD in your IT strategy. The solutions we implement in small 10-15-user scenarios are based on the same designs and principles as enterprises of multiple times this size, with scalability at the heart of our initial design. Many customers actually use this scalability on a weekly basis according to user demands and cost requirements, and our ongoing monitoring allows us to predict usage trends, potential cost savings and options for performance improvement.

In cases where cloud is not the preferred choice, either from personal preference, budget, or the type of application involved, we call on 20 years’ experience in the on-premise space. We support a range of fully on-premise solutions and hybrid environments with an element of cloud functionality and work with your requirements.