Stem Systems aggregate a number of cloud providers in a model that operates seamlessly to the end user. We’ll also deliver a migration path to the cloud, consulting on your key applications and workflows and design a solution to suit.

We can:

  • extend the functionality of your existing IT infrastructure
  • completely remove your on-premise server infrastructure
  • provide collaboration technologies and remote working
  • ringfence your IT with a range of security offerings
  • scale up and down your IT as needs require, even down to an hourly basis
  • host your voice infrastructure

The cloud offers better predictability of IT operational costs. With simplified per-user or per-endpoint per-month billing, and upgrades to products included in this rolling fee, this abstracts away a lot of the past concerns of migration planning, licensing renewals and the servicing costs associated.

Hosting your servers in the cloud achieves the same benefits. The up-front hardware and licensing costs are replaced with a monthly subscription to a service that is predictable, but if required, scalable. This removes the costs of power consumption, backup media, warranty renewals, hardware replacements, and most importantly, a future migration project to replace that hardware in the next cycle.

Stem Systems are heavily cloud-focused and will lean heavily on Microsoft Azure, Sharepoint, InTune and Azure AD in your IT strategy. The solutions we implement in small 10-15-user scenarios are based on the same principles as enterprises of multiple times this size, with scalability at the heart of this.