With years of experience of building and supplying I.T. hardware, installing and maintaining software systems, setting up network infrastructures of all sizes and building custom software packages for a variety of needs, our customers are well covered in any category of support required. Only reliable, branded hardware is provided with on-site warranties covering at least a year of use of the equipment for peace of mind. Customer systems are reliably set up from the outset and remote assistance software allows us to investigate and repair any issues with no requirement for on-site visits. It is estimated that 90% of issues can be resolved remotely or over the phone with no call-out required. Servers are equipped with background monitoring software allowing graphical tracing of memory and CPU usage, email reports of issues arising before they become a larger issue (such as disk or memory usage), and other advanced controls of services and background processes that can be manipulated even when the server appears to have stopped responding in a particular way.

Customers on maintenance agreements are provided with monitoring systems as part of their overall package and get guaranteed priority service in the need of call-outs or other support queries. Support is provided on all hardware installed and all aspects of the network setup. We are usually able to support third-party line-of-business applications set up on that system too, having years of experience in configuring software like Microsoft Office, Sage, ACT, AutoCAD and other major brands, and without the waiting times (and cost) usually associated with support calls to larger corporations.